Cajun Music: A Reflection of A People Volume 1


Biographies - 32 historic and current interviews with many of the greatest Cajun and Zydeco musicians who have ever lived (Dewey Balfa, Clifton Chenier, Iry LeJeune, Amédé Ardoin, Joe Falcon, and many, many more...)

Rare photos - over 200 pictures of Cajun musicians, most never before published. Cajun stories told and transcribed in their original Cajun French. 


106 Cajun and Zydeco songs in Cajun and Creole French, accompanied with simple phonetics for english speakers, and english translations.

Cajun instrument instructions, How to Play Cajun Fiddle, Accordion, Guitar, Guitar chords, etc. And much more - interviews in French to demonstrate the Cajun language, discographies, lists of how and where to find Cajun records


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"The most comprehensive and stunning portrait of this music ever written."

The Washington Post