Some of our latest projects

(updated Sept. 27, 2007)


Marc building the Acadian Accordion was the subject of a five part series on the show "Handmade Music" on the DIY network. The show ran for five weeks in November and December . To read more go to the DIY network page.

Joel has a new record company, Valcour Records. He is creating a catalog of great new recordings, featuring new talents on the Louisiana scene. So far he has recorded Cedric Watson and Corey LeDet playing old time creole favorites, "Goin' Down To Louisiana" and during the holiday season released a CD of Cajun drinking songs, featuring many of the hottest young bands, "Allons Boire Un Coup". His most recent recording is the all woman old-time band The Figs. Check out the Valcour Records website for future releases.

 The Savoy Family Band has completed their second CD, "Turn It Loose But Don't Let Go" on the Arhoolie label. It will be out any day now so please visit soon . Be sure to stay tuned to our CDs and get yours as soon as it comes out. . See "itinerary" on the homepage.

savoy family nicks

Also, you can purchase a great live CD of our band at click on the links below!

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Wilson has a new hot young Cajun band, "The Pine Leaf Boys"-they have a CD on Arhoolie Records and are being booked by Matt Greenhill of Folklore Productions.

Ann was hired by T Bone Burnett to work as associate music producer for the film "All The King's Men" for Sony Pictures. Both Joel and Wilson appear in the film in the recording studio with Sean Penn. Ann wrote a song which appeared in the film, "O, Comme Les Nuits Sont Longues", recorded by her latest band,

"Ann Savoy and her Sleepless Knights" has a new CD on the Memphis International label, "As Dreams Come True".You can purchase it here or at Check out the Memphis International website

Linda Ronstadt and Ann's new CD "Adieu False Heart" received two nominations for Grammy awards in the "traditional folk" and "best engineered"categories-

Ann has her own website now-to see all her projects please visit at

 Check out Marc's writings for new essays and inspirational advice for playing and learning songs.

Savoy Doucet Cajun Band is now being booked by the Rosebud Agency.Check out our web page at