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New model coming  this spring! The Scarlet Beauty!

            Predicting the future by looking back



 Many years ago I wrote the following message inside one of the cabinet doors in my accordion shop;


June 13, Thursday, 1991

Joel's first day, helping me pay bills, bending brass corners, and engraving. My boys are going to be good craftsman.


That prediction  made 33 years ago  wasn’t to be realized until about 8 years  ago when Joel expressed his desire

to join me building Acadian accordions. Prior to pursuing this new interest, his time had been devoted to playing music, building a recording studio , and honing his woodworking skills building guitars.

Needless to say  in my 64 years of experience pursuing this craft, I have, besides accumulating a little knowledge of the craft , developed a rather extensive array of jigs ,procedures ,and tooling to aid the  building process.

 From the beginning I made it very clear to Joel that I would eagerly embrace any ideas or suggestions he  would offer. His first efforts were focused to making certain modifications in my procedures. The other breakthrough  he offered was designing a new jig to facilitate building the internal components. I am very proud to say that, because of his involvement, we are now building an Acadian Accordions superior to anything in the past. 

I'm very confident that, when the day comes I won't show up for work anymore, he will continue building the best Acadian ever.


Marc Savoy


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